The Stock and Bond Markets Usually Predict Our Future. The Shortest Bear Market in History? I think NOT!

It does not matter whether you are an investor, or a trader, or neither. I promise that as content on TikTok expands, there will be plenty of stories that will interest a variety of different readers.

Below I explain briefly why I put on such a heavy load of one-sided trades. ‘One-sided’ positions, to a professional trader, by the way, are amateur and tantamount to ‘stupid’. One’s goal as a trader is to return to fight (trade) again another day. I am sharing what I did in my trading account today (and admitting it’s a riskier move for me than usual) because it ties into a really serious concern that I will elaborate about in detail over the weekend.

What we are doing as a country needs to be discussed in the open – right now! I am seeing and hearing ‘the powers that be’ experimenting in different ways in an attempt to keep us afloat through a period of time that these same people are assuming will end at a finite, if not definite, date in the near term!

What is so fascinating about our stock and bond markets, put simply, is their spooky ability to ‘see the future’ in such efficient ways. I have observed this time and again over the course of my career. Never, however, have I seen these markets telegraphing THIS message – which I will share over the weekend.

As far as my trading account, I have to fully disclose that the bulk of my money and what I earned in life is handled by a broker who I trained and became my partner – who I trust and do not try to micromanage.

I have always enjoyed trading – and once in a while I can take a bigger risk than normal. In this case, I started trading after 6 years dormant, and have managed to double $80k in less than 6 months. I wanted to hold this position into Monday, but right now the Dow is headed back up and the discipline if one trades is to be able to admit when you are wrong. If it is looking wrong at day’s end, I will liquidate 50% or more of this short.

I will share more specific tricks and trading strategies in a special section here that we will create on TokTik. Anyone will be able to use it and take advantage of same. My promise to try and help readers stay “ahead of the curve” refers to the knowledge curve. It will then be yours to use the information as you would and make what you can of it.

We will also be building a forum at TokTik centered around subjects where members can share thoughts and ideas. We all need each other’s help now and can come together in ways like those encouraged by this site.

This site is important because all of us can strive to help others. I believe the Covid-19 virus is going to be with us for longer than most people care to even consider – and we had better adjust to a new way of life!