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The Covid-19 pandemic has plagued the world and forced governments to shut everything down. People have been asked to take action in a manner that goes against everything we know as social beings with the command “Stay away from one another!”. As difficult as that request has been, most of us have complied out of fear. We may have varying degrees of concern about becoming sick ourselves. A far worse outcome any way you look at it, is bringing the illness to loved ones, be they family or friends. Many of us have thus been left to our own thoughts and devices in a world that can only be described as pretty weird. As of this writing, states are beginning to open slowly and tentatively. This moment will be recalled in history as an incredibly momentous occasion, and here at TokTik we can come together and share our thoughts and ideas about all things strange and new. We can share insights, also, because out of times of confusion and chaos there is a very cool constant: great, new ideas have been born.

My hope is that this site brings a sense of hope and security to all who visit. One thing that is also a well-known fact, and at the risk of sounding like a cornball – it is that we do better together. In a world that has been pretty divided for too long, I think most would agree that there probably won’t be another time in any of our lifetimes where we come up against such a threat to our way of life as the one we now face. If ever there was a time to put our heads together – it is now.

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